SING FOR YOUR LIFE - Music for Health and Well-Being

       "If you can walk you can dance.  If you can talk you can sing."  
                                                                                  ~ African proverb

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At SING FOR YOUR LIFE we believe that every person can benefit from the aerobic, uplifting and deeply satisfying activity of singing, and particularly from singing with others. In addition to private offerings SING FOR YOUR LIFE provides a group singing experience that requires no prior skill and has no performance expectations. Singing purely for the love of singing allows relaxed, deep breathing and releases stress. Singing freely, without muscle tension using the breath well is always our goal.

Researchers over the past thirty years have documented the positive effects of singing, finding that it can improve mood, lower blood pressure, help with pain management and more. Importantly, this is true even for those who describe themselves as "non-singers". 

Mary Pat Graham,
Vocal Coach, Choral Conductor, Music Director
and developer of SING FOR YOUR LIFE 
 has been helping people find their voices for forty years. Her life long experience as a pastoral musician helped form her passion for helping individuals find increased well-being through singing. 
As a Vocal Coach, Choral Conductor and Pianist Mary Pat has worked extensively with both professional and amateur voices.  Her rehearsals for people of every age and ability are energizing and affirming.  She knows from experience how group singing can relieve anxiety and alleviate chronic stress ~ an important tool in every person's life. 

Individual Vocal Coaching or Group sessions with Mary Pat are designed to meet your goals, whether for personal growth or performance preparation.
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"  I had always wanted to sing with a group, but for so long, I was too afraid to even take the first step. Mary Pat's wonderful Sing for Your Life and Singing With Friends opened a whole new world for me. Her style is inclusive, supportive, educational and, above all, great fun. Thank you for putting song in my life!"  ~ Jessica G.
 Relieve Stress, Enhance Energy, Hum a tune.....
Singing is fun!  It also offers important and tangible health benefits. At SING FOR YOUR LIFE we believe that every person can gain better health in mind and body through singing.  We are dedicated to helping people gain the confidence they need to use their voices joyfully.

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"Music-making with Mary Pat seemed to renew energy and spirit in a remarkable way....I could see choir members almost dance out the door at the end of rehearsals, with a lilt in their step and a new sparkle in their eyes." ~S.C.

If you are already a singer you know that there is no better way to reduce stress.  And with increased understanding of the mind-body connection we have a new appreciation of very old common knowledge: music has healing properties.  Research conducted in several countries over the past 40 years has shown that singing,particularly singing with others can relieve depression, lower blood pressure, help manage pain, decrease rehabilitation time, boost immunity and enhance memory.  In the U.K. there is a move towards “singing on prescription” for developing and maintaining better health. 
And here in the U.S. the field of music therapy is continually growing. 

For research quotes find Too Much Information at our  INTERESTING READING page.
"Mary Pat is an extremely enthusiastic teacher who encourages and empowers you on your journey into singing.  Singing in front of others can be a very vulnerable thing, but Mary Pat promoted a positive environment that allowed all students to fully grasp their hidden voice & talents.  I really enjoyed taking this class and looked forward to it each week."
~North Seattle Community College Class Member Evaluation

At any stage of life, singing is good for you.  And the good news is that whether you consider yourself a singer or a "non-singer" the activity of singing holds health benefits 
for you. 
Not only is using your voice one of the best things you can do for yourself, it's one of the easiest. Singing requires no equipment, no great investment of time or money, and no commitment to a demanding schedule. All you need is your self and a tune in your head.  It's never too late. Go ahead, 
Sing, you'll feel better! Go to the WHAT WE DO page for current offerings and rates and see how you can get started.